Urban/Suburban Messier Guide

This guide summarizes four series of observations that I made or attempted of the Messier objects, using two different telescopes (a 70-mm refractor and a 178-mm Dobsonian) at two different sites (urban and suburban).


Early Winter Objects (RA 3:00 – RA 6:10)

Late Winter Objects (RA 6:10 – RA 9:00)

Early Spring Objects (RA 09:00 – RA 12:00, plus all of UMa and CVn)

Late Spring Objects (RA 12:00 – RA 15:00, except UMa and CVn)

Early Summer Objects (RA 15:00 to RA 17:55)

Late Summer Objects (RA 17:55 to RA 20:20)

Early Autumn Objects (RA 20:20 to RA 23:59, plus M103)

Late Autumn Objects (RA 00:00 to RA 03:00)

Index to Messier Objects in Numerical Order

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